5 advantages of using an Advertising Agency

There are many positive benefits of using an Advertising Agency such as Sunny Media. Firstly, no matter how big or small your business is, we can help plan and book your advertising, you don’t have to be a national company or large brand such as Coles to warrant the advantages an agency can deliver.

Here are QA’s top 5 advantages of using an Advertising Agency:


We are experts in the field! Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of Advertising and Marketing. We have access to research and statistics relating to media consumption, viewing numbers and consumers habits. We will place your advertising where your consumers are going to see it!


A term we don’t normally like to use but is oh so true! Rather than wasting your time dealing with several different companies why not deal with just one. At QA we can help look after your campaign from start to finish, including graphic design, printing, direct mail, radio and TV production, media bookings and much more. Our combined services will save you both time and money.


At QA, we have strong relationships with the media and are afforded higher discount levels due to the overall amount of media we book. We have a buying relationship with Nunn Media, one of Australia’s largest media agencies and this relationship allows us access to discounted media rates rewarded to their mass media buying across the nation. This allows us to both save your business money, and make advertising more affordable to small businesses.


We don’t work for any one media and we don’t have any loyalties. We work for our clients and all of our recommendations are based on the best option for our client. If you were to deal with each media separately, they would all say they are the best option, which won’t always be the case.


There is a lot of research and planning involved in getting your media mix right. With so many options such as TV, Radio, Press, Digital, Outdoor and even more it is vital that you utlise the correct media. An Advertising Agency can recommend the right media mix and strategically plan your advertising to work together and achieve better results.

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