Are events a good idea for your business?

Many businesses we speak to like the idea of holding an event, after all what’s not to like about sipping champagne, savouring tasty canapés and dishing out air kisses like there is no tomorrow.

The answer we always give is why? Events are incredibly labour intensive to undertake and if not planned properly they can be stressful and will affect the brand. If there isn’t a clear business reason to hold an event then we suggest client’s look to spend their advertising funds elsewhere.

However there are a number of good reasons why a business would undertake an event, including:

  • Promote a new product, service or business
  • Celebrate a milestone within the business
  • Network with current and existing clients and stakeholders
  • Reward and recognise staff achievements

More recently our QA PR team helped with the Sunshine Coast launch event for The Great Australian Beverage Company at Coolum Beach. The event was attended by over 80 people including staff, suppliers, shareholders as well as local politicians and a host of media.

A by-product of the launch was the significant media exposure the event generated with a television news crew, online news cameraman, local press and magazines, reporters and photographers all attending the event. Pre-recorded interviews were also undertaken with several radio stations while the local newspaper posted the story on their website to give it broader exposure. These media reports helped to reinforce key messages from the launch event and spread the word about the new business to the broader public.

This type of publicity adds up to many thousands of dollars in ‘free’ exposure which cannot be generated through advertising. That doesn’t mean advertising isn’t valuable – far from it in fact. The next phase of our campaign will see a rollout of a major television, radio and press advertising campaign to continue to build the company’s brand as it seeks to gain market share in the competitive carbonated beverage market.

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Peppi Bueti (right) Director of QAPR at the launch event for the Great Aussie Beverage Company, an exciting new soft drink brand boasting 10 new soft drink flavours.

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