Australia ranks high when it comes to spending money on Advertising

eMarketer and Starcom MediaVest (2013) have released surprising research to suggest that Australian marketers are spending more per head to reach their target audience than in another country.

$582 dollars per person is the figure that sets Australia above its counterparts.  The UK sits second at $540 per person and Norway third at $535 per person.  The US, Denmark, Canada, Sweden, Germany and Japan all rank in the top 10.

This research could suggest two things; either that Australia is too expensive, or possibly that the market is not as efficient as it could be.

While the top 10 list is made up of only developed countries with access to the latest technologies, the research is let down by not taking into consideration the country’s population sizes.  Australia has a population of 23 million compared to the US’s 313 million and the UK’s 63 million people.

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