Autonomy, Cow Jokes and Regional Statistics: Week 5 for QA’s Intern Kaleb Davis

My fifth week at Sunny Media and I can feel my independence growing around the office. My workday started with Sharon teaching me more about how to check and complete media confirms. I had started with the basics last week with Michelle. This will allow me to do more around QA, which is my goal. To make matters even better, I got my own account for Work Flow Max, so I can help with invoicing!

I spent the rest if the day doing media schedules and entering invoicing data into Work Flow Max. I’m loving the work and getting into the flow of coming into the office, arranging my jobs and knocking them over effectively. It was another great day at work and Michelle even treated Maree and I to her finest cow jokes.

What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef.

The interning day was packed with new experience and information for my career. As per every fortnight, we had the work in progress meeting. These meetings are very rewarding because I learn more about everyone’s roles and get to know them as people. We do team bonding activities where we answer a question about ourselves. Everyone always has such interesting stories, and I have always valued learning about people’s lives.

Afterwards, Trevor got me to work on my own radio media proposal. He gave me a budget, spot rates, a time frame, and a basic client brief. With that I divided the budget roughly across what the client wanted and plotted it on a spreadsheet to achieve maximum coverage. Doing this job made me feel very independent and capable. Trevor’s main feedback was to highlight certain pieces of information and check my budget. I did have to adjust my proposal on the fly, because my budget was off, but this is why we double check.

While I was doing the proposal, a woman named Felicity, from Southern Cross Austereo, came to give us a presentation about Boomtown – regional Australia. She provided eye opening statistics about the demographics of Boomtown and how marketers are underestimating the importance of regional Australia. It was a great presentation and she even brought pastries!

As I was adjusting the proposal, I hear Trevor call “Big Dog.” This was much to Peppi’s amusement, especially since I had no idea Trevor was talking to me. Trevor wanted to run me through how we work to maintain a client’s brand strategy. Essentially, we build a brand strategy that maintains a level of awareness to consumers, so we can boost awareness to a higher level when we use promotions. I really appreciate when Trevor takes me aside, because he has a lot of great insight into the industry. Every time he’s tutored me, I walk away with greatly increased perspective.

I spent the rest of the day finalising my proposal, adding our logo to a presentation and entering my invoices into Work Flow Max. I also spoke to Roger before he left for the day. I had a chat with him about moving forward. I’m going back to university next week, and really want to persist with my interning and working at QA. Thankfully, we arranged for me to come in new days, and knock my workload back to one day a week in the near future. This was a massive relief, because I don’t want to lose this great opportunity. I generally see experience as more useful than university, but also need to keep my game up at uni. I also just really enjoy working at QA.

I look forward to continuing at QA and getting back to university as well.

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