Newspapers continue to decline but Magazines could be making a comeback!

Latest results from Roy Morgan Research have revealed that major newsprint readership is continuing to decline.

National publication The Australian Saturday edition has fallen from 686,000 in September 2015 to 638,000 in September 2016. Likewise, their Monday to Friday edition has also dropped, with a loss of 11,000 readers.

OzTam is increasing TV Panels to support Australian ratings data

OzTam is set to increase the number of homes included in Australian television audience measurement by a considerable 50%.

The change is being implemented by OzTam over the next 6 months and is expected to be completed by early 2017, a move they say will reinforce industry confidence in ratings data.

We’ve been hijacked by the work experience kid… Archie’s outtakes

Our blog has been hijacked by the work experience kid… Archie, a grade 10 student from Kawana State High School shadowed our Public Relations Director Peppi Bueti for a week’s worth of long lunches, coffee dates and all that other stuff that PR people do. Here are his outtakes…

News Corp buys out APN: what it means for advertisers…

This week it was announced that News Corp, owned by Rupert Murdoch, is in the process of buying APN News and their Regional newspaper division. Which brings another 12 daily newspapers and 60 community newspapers to the News Corp Suite.

Tips for event planning

If you’ve planned an event before, you will know that it’s actually much harder than you think. There is a range of things that can go wrong! So this week we talk to our Public Relations Director Peppi Bueti on some of the tips he can offer from his experience in Event Management.

What you need to know about Programmatic buying

Programmatic buying is the increasingly popular way to buy online advertising. It’s a much more technical way to buy online advertising then what we are used to but it has benefits. Programmatic Buying describes online advertising that is analysed through multiple software systems according to demand, inventory avails, user engagement and more, all to provide a more optimised and performance driven result for the advertiser.

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