Catalogues… Junk mail or reading pleasure?

Letterbox marketing has always been debated regarding it’s worth and success. Consumers seem to either love or hate their junk mail, they either read it or they don’t. But for advertisers, is it a worthwhile tool to invest in?

Personally, I read it! For me, junk mail is a guilty pleasure. I like to sit down and relax for 10 minutes when I first get home after a day’s work, cup of tea in hand, and a fresh bundle of junk mail. (I hate it when my partner gets home first and has already tossed it out).

Apparently I am not alone… consumer interest in catalogues is growing and latest Roy Morgan research points to more Australians reading Catalogues than Newspapers.

The stats reveal that 10.5 million Aussie consumers read a catalogue each week. That’s 600,000 more readers than Metro Newspapers and around 4.3 million more readers than local and community newspapers.

Catalogue readership has actually increased from 2012, where Newspaper readership has declined.

Michele Levine, CEO at Roy Morgan Research believes that the increase in Catalogue readership will continue to rise and potentially take over the combined reach of all newspapers (Metro, Local & Community).

In light of these developments (and proof that I myself read catalogues), letterbox marketing looks better in numbers than advertisers may think. When utilised for the right product they have the ability to achieve real results.


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