From Bursary To Employee: Week 1 for QA’s New Intern Kaleb Davis

My first week of interning at Sunny Media was a great start to my career! I began this internship after receiving the Sunny Media bursary through my university – USC.When I received the bursary, Peppi Bueti, QA’s director of Public Relations, suggested I should come and meet the QA team and gain some work experience.

Franchise Advertising

Jetts Fitness – Case Study

Jetts is a 24/7 Gym Franchise business with over 200 gyms across Australia and New Zealand. Approximately 3 years ago QA were engaged as Jetts Advertising Agency and to consult on an overall strategy to pull into place a national consistency by working with individual regions around the country. It is really important to note that there was no national marketing fund at all, and to make this happen each region had to commit to working together.

This work started with the Sunshine Coast Group first, which consists of 8 gyms. One of the priorities was to first have the one group working together by pooling marketing funds to create an ongoing brand campaign which would lift their profile, memberships, and most importantly future proof the brand against new competition that we knew was to come. We also needed to find a cost efficient way to brand with a limited budget.

Based on research we had gathered, along with research provided by Jetts, we decided to aim all advertising in and around Mondays, and developed a campaign called ‘ Jetts Monday’. As this is the day that the most online searches are made, and most online visits are made to all gyms, we decided we wanted to ‘own’ the day, do something that the incoming competition could not take away and hopefully build a message that became part of the vernacular for gym users.

This was an immediate success, with online searches and enquiries increasing on Mondays, and flowing on to the rest of the week.

Obviously with so many gyms across the country, and little coordination, our job was then to help facilitate each major city with their own marketing group, and media strategy. This has now worked its way through to Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, and is soon to start in Sydney (least clubs and the last growth area) and Adelaide. All states have used Jetts Monday, in amongst other brand and pricing opportunities. The important aspect of success in this roll out has been the regional groups working together as one for a common goal, and utilising funds for a greater return. Within franchise systems we know that this cannot always be possible, however through planning, patience and considerable hard work, this fantastic group now has a united national strategy through utilising regional based funds. Each state is still different, is planned and booked differently, and must be treated as different. And it is certainly not one size fits all, and we do this by treating each regional group as a different client, and creating the strategy with them, albeit under the brand specifications and directions form their fantastic corporate marketing team.

Jetts is a company that continues to grow, and we at QA are very proud to have been part of that past, and have great excitement about their future.

This client case study is only one example of the many franchise advertising systems that Sunny Media is involved with. Our experience with franchise advertising and cooridnation of multiple campaigns is second to none, if you are a part of a franchise group in Brisbane, Queensland or throughout Australia QA can help bring your advertising and marketing results to the next level!

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