Confirms, Presentations and Farewell: QA’s Intern Kaleb Davis’ Final Blog

I’ve been at QA for about 3 months now, and the learning and great vibes keep coming. I only uploaded the week 6 blog a few weeks ago, because I haven’t had the time to write since getting back to university. In the last few weeks I’ve worked towards mastering media confirms, attended more informative presentations, and kept up with my usual jobs.

Multiple times in the last few weeks I’ve done media confirms and even checked pre-times (times before the advertisements have run). Originally, I struggled with this. However, I now understand it so much more than before. Sarah was kind enough to sit with me and help me work through it, with a ruler, highlighter and a little bit of extra guidance, I’m finally grasping confirms.

There have also been some fantastic media insights in the past few weeks. We’ve had Foxtel give us a presentation and one from our very own Matt from Sunny Digital (our in-house digital department). I didn’t realise how prominent pay TV still is, Foxtel is going strong and is highly targeted. As for Matt’s presentation, we all learned just how clever Facebook advertising can be. The client was a restaurant and one of the strategies Matt devised was to advertise to couples before their anniversary. Facebook can target based on relationship status, job titles and even estimated interests. He said they have 1000 data points on everyone!

As for my usual roles, I’m continually honing my skills at creating media schedules, presentations and whatever else comes my way. I’m getting faster with my media schedules, mostly because I’m getting better at double checking. I always took so long to proof-read, but I’m developing habits to do it more efficiently. When it comes to odd jobs, I take notes, ask questions and prioritise what needs to be done.

Finally, I continue connecting with the wonderful people at QA. We had the company lunch again last week, and it was so uplifting to sit in the board room with chicken, chips and banter with everyone. Whether it’s meaningful conversations about moving to a new house and having kids, or its poking fun at Trevor for eating so many chips! The QA team is consistently charming.

This is my last blog, but thankfully not my last day at QA. I will continue interning and working at QA for as long as they’ll have me. I’ve learnt so much about marketing and advertising and look forward to doing more. To anyone reading this blog, thank you for following my journey at QA.

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