Crowdsourcing: Is it worth the trouble?

Crowdsourcing is a concept where businesses fill out an online brief which is then submitted into a pool for a group of designers to work on and essentially compete for your money.  According to a crowdsourcing website,, there are 2,048 contests occurring currently and in October 2013, a massive $1.8m was handed over by businesses for the work of the many graphic designers.

Let’s look at a few worrying factors about this process:

  • No relationship: Not once have you as a business spoken to a designer to their face.  You have not specifically outlined your businesses brand, your audience or core values.  All you have done is give a small amount of information to a faceless person who produces something in hopes to impress you only to move onto the next job at hand
  • Time waster: You are left with countless examples of what someone else thinks your logo should look and you now have to spend hours sifting through each one, sorting the good from the bad.  Surely you time is more valuable put towards building your business? After all, you paid the experts to decipher fonts, colours and other tedious details didn’t you?!

At the end of the day, the idea behind your logo is to shape consumers perceptions and expectations.  When you decide to leave your brand in the hands of someone who doesn’t have a vested interest, you will no doubt end up with something generic and powerless which will struggle to penetrate your target market.

Temptation to take the cheap route is increasingly common these days as budgets tighten.  However, in the long run your brand is not worth cutting corners.  People don’t read – they scan.  We are constantly saturated with content from multiple platforms so unless you can stand out with a well-designed brand – you’ll blend in!

Our Senior Graphic Designer, Darryl Baldwin prides himself on taking the time to ensure the needs of each individual client are met.  QA Design is now operating for all your graphic needs.

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