Database Marketing – Easy and cost effective!

What is a Database?

An organised system to store and manage information. Not only do you want to keep your customers name, address and contact details (including email and mobile number is a must!) you should also be keeping a record of their behaviour such as purchases and particular interests.

What is Database Marketing?

Database Marketing is a form of direct marketing in a personalised manor to generate communication between your business and a customer, with the goal to promote your product and services and to generate sales. If your database contains behavioural information you can use this info to specifically target certain customers with your communications. For example, if you are a Jewellery Store and you have a database of previous clients which also details who has previously bought a “Swatch” Watch, you already know this client likes the “Swatch” brand so you could specifically target them with an offer on “Swatch” watches, or email them when a new range of “Swatch” watches are released. This targeted style of Database Marketing makes your communication less hit and miss and more effective.

What Database Marketing isn’t!

There is no point in keeping a database with minimal information that has no real value in being able to target your customers. Database Marketing isn’t just a simple list of contact names and addresses, you need to keep vital information that relates to your customers buying behaviour.

Database Marketing isn’t the art of sending out spam or annoying email newsletters all about yourself and your business “me me me”. If you want to send effective communication you need to be sending the right message to the right customers, at the right time.

Sending untargeted information to your customers will make them unsubscribe or

Why is Database Marketing Important?

It’s simple… you can cost effectively keep existing customers. There is the potential of more sales and referral business from your existing customer, It often costs more money to acquire a new client than it does to keep an existing one so why let go of one you already have!

Database marketing allows you to segment customers and identify offers and products that they would like to receive. You will create customer loyalty, generate sales, and customers will remember your brand.

If you don’t have an existing database, start collecting that gold mine of information today! If you do have an existing database, talk to us at QA and we can help you effectively target your customers.

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