Exploring the shopping habits of Smartphone users

According to new research by Telstra, since 2010, Australians are buying three times more clothes via their smart phones; making fashion the top selling consumer good brought via smart phones.

The research conducted by Nielsen for the Telstra Smartphone Index surveyed 2,004 Australian people.  The study showed that more than one in two turned to their smartphone to browse the internet on an average of three times every hour.

Adam Good, Director of Digital Media and Content at Telstra explain that these findings are worrying for businesses that do not have a strong mobile strategy in place already.

The research showed that Australia is one of the most connected countries for smartphone use behind China and South Korea, ahead  of the US and UK.  The research dives further to find that smartphone owners aged 16 to 24 will spend the equivalent of one month out of the year searching on their phones.

As this research is surprising, what is more interesting is what types of consumer behavior is being generated.  It is interesting to find out what people’s shopping and lifestyles involve.  Once advertisers can work out this type of information, it is easier to reach a particular target audience and have a message reached effectively.

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