Internship opportunities to third year students

As part of sunnymedia’s commitment to the USC School of Communication bursary program, we also offer internship opportunities to third year students. We recently hosted Kylie Jorgensen who spent time with QAPR director Peppi Bueti to learn practical skills in public relations, event management and marketing. Here’s a quick blog from Kylie about her experience.

Internship Blog

Written by Kylie Jorgensen.

Reflecting on the last month that I’ve been interning at sunnymedia I’m extremely glad to be able to work alongside Peppi on numerous local projects. I like that I would walk into the office each week and expect something new. One project that I’ve largely been a part of since interning with Pep is the 2017 Inaugural Mayoral Ball. Since then I’ve attended photo shoots at the Sunshine Coast Airport, committee meetings, wine tastings, a sponsors Soiree in a penthouse apartment, liaising with channel 7 and other media as well as being assigned as the Social Media Guru leading up to the Ball. This has been the most exciting project yet, where the experience and knowledge I’ve gained cannot be taught from reading a textbook. I’ve been introduced to many community influencer’s, leaders, business owners and even the Sunshine Coast Mayor. Networking with Pep couldn’t have been easier as you soon come to realise he’s the man who knows everyone and you can’t walk down Ocean Street without noticing a quick nod or wave in your peripheral vision.

Aside from the Mayoral Ball I’ve also attended media calls at Yaroomba Beach for a client of Pep’s. It’s been fun to work behind the scenes for media interviews and ensuring the client is presented in the best way. For example, not wearing sunglasses during an interview, is the client properly dressed, no phone should be left in shirt pockets and where is the best location for the interview. Although minor, I’ve learnt these tips ensure transparency between the client and the journalist which I would have overlooked from no prior experience. Peppi is always happy to answer all questions and shares his lessons learnt throughout his time as a PR director. We’ve managed the hiccup of news teams cancelling last minute for media calls and I even met a Japanese artist through my experience!

A few other tasks I’ve worked on include writing and sending out media releases, editorial copies and even some photo editing. The list continues and so if anyone has the opportunity to work alongside Pep, I would snatch it up! There is plenty of valuable and fun work to be done. I’ve even shared Peppi’s disappoint when he just misses gaining a potential client. However I have learnt that there’s no better way to Band-Aid this Italian man’s heart than a chicken salad wrap and double-shot skinny flat white in a small cup. If you don’t want to be treated like a cliché movie intern who becomes an expert photocopier by the end, Pep is the man.


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