Lollies and Analytics: Week 4 for QA’s Intern Kaleb Davis

Week 4 at Sunny Media and I’m still having blast, learning heaps and getting to connect more with my co-workers.

The work day started with me arriving a little early, with Sarah and Michelle close behind. We all talked about our weekends, and Sarah told us about Disney on Ice. It was nice just catching up with them, because I value connecting with worthwhile people.

After the catch-up, I created another media schedule for Australian Events, and had a meeting with Trevor and Michelle. It was just a usual meeting to discuss clients. I feel like I’m doing better at following these meetings. I just need the knowledge of the clients, and their history, to follow better. That just comes with time.

Next, Michelle had me photocopy a folder full of information about how to use some of the internal systems at QA. Little did I realise this toolkit was for me. It has information such as how to add new clients and enter details into our computer systems.

To follow on from this toolkit, Michelle showed me how to use eTAMS. This television audience measurement system (TAMS) allows us to access television viewership data to better advise our clients. It was so cool to see analytics at work. I have a fascination consumer data, so I greatly enjoyed this. I spent the last portion of my day using eTAMS to create spreadsheets of various consumer demographics for our clients.

At one point in the day, Sharon, QA’s Accounts Administrator, explained why she has the lollies in the office. One of her many important roles at QA is to make people “consider” whether or not they should be eating lollies. She also has the best self-restraint.

The interning day built upon the work day by getting me to enter eTAMS data into our post campaign reports (PCR). However, beforehand, I created my first billboard media schedule. Unlike TV or radio, this schedule involved copying photos of the billboards, and relevant billboard information, into a PowerPoint for clients. It was cool, because I got to see exactly where our client’s ads would go. I don’t see our TV ads, because I’m a Netflix guy.

The main detour of the day was seeing the delicate way Peppi cleans his office: a large green garbage bin and plenty of banter.

For the PCRs, I used the data from eTAMS to create graphs and pie charts to place on PCRs. As always, I found it rewarding to do something that would directly impact a client’s decision making.

I finished the day by adding some more eTAMS into the spreadsheet and learning to check if the media has delivered our clients spots on TV. Essentially, we looked at the client’s media schedule and checked if their ads played by comparing it to a report from the media. I didn’t have much time to do this, so I’ll need some more practise.

I’m still learning a lot, and, as always, I’m ever excited for next week.

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