Media Spotlight: Outdoor Advertising

This week’s media spotlight is on Outdoor Advertising. Our media spotlight is designed to give you a little more information on each media. Let’s face it, in today’s market there are so many options it is often hard to understand them all let alone choose the right media mix.

What is Outdoor Advertising

  • Roadside Billboards
  • Street Furniture
  • Retail Point of Sale
  • Airport Signage
  • Digital Outdoor Signage
  • Sport Stadiums Signage
  • Transit including buses, taxis, trains, bus shelters advertising, scooters and mobile billboards
  • Experimental – such as giant air inflated balloons, logos, mascots etc

How does Outdoor Advertising work

Boring outdoor advertising doesn’t work. But engaging and creative outdoor advertising definitely does!

Outdoor advertising can’t be switched off and often can’t be ignored. Over 6 million people in Australia drive to work each day and are faced will roadside billboards and moving billboards on the side of buses, trains and trams.

74% of people in Australia see outdoor billboards every day, several times a week. About 50% of them see them on their way to a shopping centre.

How is Outdoor Advertising evolving

Like most other mediums, it is becoming digital. Most of us have by now seen a digital billboard which has the ability to either rotate various ads within a matter of seconds, or play actual moving vision. Although digital is only present in mainly metro markets, it will continue to increase and work its way into more regional markets.

Highly creative and interactive outdoor advertising is becoming much more popular, not only because of the success it is having but also because of the extra publicity it often receives, these days a popular outdoor campaign can end up going viral right across the world.

Check out the Pepsi Max bus shelter stunt that has gone viral just this week, a very creative idea involving a clear digital screen on the side of a bus shelter that had the ability of creating a false scene over the top of real life vision.

Outdoor Advertising is a strong medium

Outdoor media revenue continues to increase rather than deflate like some of its counterparts such as magazines and newspapers, proving the strength of this medium.

At the moment, there are 4 major outdoor media suppliers across Australia, servicing metro and regional areas, along with a handful of smaller suppliers representing billboard sites in regional and remote areas.

There will always be a need for outdoor advertising. People are spending more and more time outdoors and out of their homes. Outdoor advertising is there to capture people’s attention while they are out and about, shopping and travelling. Not only can the audience be huge, it can also be very diverse and cover a large range of demographics.

Here are some popular outdoor campaigns that have attracted a lot of attention for their creativity:

Billboard1  billboard4  billboard3 Billboard2

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