Odd Jobs and Mentoring: Week 3 For QA’s Intern Kaleb Davis

It’s my third week at Sunny Media and I’m really feeling like a member of the team. My work day started with the team having a meeting with Caleb Harriot, Caleb spelt the boring way, from Go Transit. He was giving us a tutorial of the new invoicing system we’ll be using: Work Flow Max. The demonstration was a lot to take in, but the system seems like something I can handle.

After the meeting, I shadowed Sarah for a bit. She created invoices with Work Flow Max, showed me where to find assets for Sunco Motors brands, and setup a Facebook carousel ad for Laser Sight Clinics. Although it was a lot to learn, I felt confident in my ability to handle these tasks with practise. I’m hoping to take some pressure off Sarah for Facebook advertising, because I like the looks of doing more social media ads and I understood it well. I’m a little nervous I won’t be able to be helpful enough for Sarah, so I will try my hardest.

We also had a mass email culling that day. Just before lunch, Trevor asked if I knew how to mass delete emails before a certain date. I didn’t, but I was sure I could figure it out with a Google search. I showed him how to, and the computer took well over an hour to delete them all! Trevor had more than 50,00 emails to delete!

I spent the rest of the day teaching myself Facebook ads and creating two media schedules for the Australian Psychic Expo (APE). I’m excited to work towards doing Facebook ads, because it looks interesting and will allow me to help Sarah. By the end of the day I was worried I hadn’t done enough work, but I talked to Michelle and she reassured me that I had to learn more first. This worry also made me determined to work extra hard at interning.

The interning day was business as usual with a few very educational detours. I started by continuing the APE media schedule. Michelle had sent me some more media proposals the night before. This made me feel part of the team, because I had my emails and jobs like everybody else. We also had the work in progress meeting, which was short because there was only a few of us there.

Afterwards, I finished putting the media proposals onto the schedule and setup a presentation for Spitwater Queensland. I was just adding our logo and servicing fee to the slides. After I sent the presentation to Trevor, he asked me to calculate Spitwater’s percentage of online viewership to add to a table. This would help the client choose where to place their advertising. I added this to the slides and fixed a few other little things for Trevor. It was uplifting to do something that would directly impact a client’s decision.

During the day I also had Trevor, and later Madison, give me some industry insight. Trevor gave me an explanation of our revenue system, and how Nunn Media is connected to us. I’d had this explained a few times, but Trevor gave the most detail and best explanation. Later on, Madison, my predecessor, happened to come through the office. I was able to ask her more about my role and what people expect of me. I want to be as useful as possible. She gave me insight into the role, working with Sarah and told me most comes with time. I found this very helpful, and it made me feel much more capable in my role.

Much like yesterday, I spent the last portion of my day completing the media schedule for APE. I made a rather big mistake though and had to redo a large portion of both schedules. Michelle and Maree both said the same thing: “You won’t make that mistake twice.” And they’re right.

It’s been a very educational week, and I’m going to try even harder next week.

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