This week’s TV news

It was a big week for TV this week… The Oscars happened, new channel 7flix started, NRL returned and the Sunrise and Today war got real.

Sunday night saw the launch of the Seven Network’s new channel 7flix. So far the channel has had a slow start with quite a few viewers complaining of technical issues. At the moment 7flix is confined to Metro markets and regional Queensland. Viewers in these areas have discovered that if you don’t have a newish TV (with MPEG4 setup) you will have problems accessing 7flix sound and vison… not off to a good start!

Australians celebrated on Monday when Mad Max cleaned up at the Oscars. The live audience numbers were 398,000 and the late night repeat was 243,000 which was a fair increase from last year. Apparently viewer numbers in the US were at an all time low, which has been blamed on the controversy surrounding the lack of diversity in ‘black’ nominations.

Last night saw the return of the NRL… and also kicked off the usual spike in ratings that football brings to the Nine network. The airing of last night’s game attracted 581,000 viewers in 2 cities (Syd: 334,000 / Bris: 247,000 and another 65,000 on GEM), helping Nine to win the night with a 29.7% share then Seven 27.7%, TEN 19.0%, ABC 17.8% and SBS 5.8%.

And now to what I really want to talk about… the Sunrise and Today war! Personally I have always been a devoted Sunrise fan, however their antics of late just haven’t appealed to me as much as they use to. Last week’s ratings saw Sunrise & Today with an even share of 317,000 viewers each. It will be interesting to see how the rest of 2016 plays out and who ends up on top!

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