Tips for converting online enquiries

If you are investing money into Google AdWords is it worth creating a designated landing page? The answer is yes, and here’s why…

Rather than just directing a customer to your homepage or a specific page on your website, designated landing pages can be designed to convert enquiries. Here are some of the benefits of a designated landing page;

  • Your designated landing page can consistently match the wording and promise in your pay per click campaign.
  • A designated landing page can focus on just one offering and ultimately require only one call to action, where as a customer may get distracted when going to your homepage and experience information overload increasing the chance of a customer leaving your website.
  • In creating a designated landing page you can make the process much easier for the client and provide exactly what they are looking for on one page, which creates a single path to the required result.
  • If your designated landing page includes the relevant information that the customer originally searched for you can improve your keyword score which will positively impact your paid search campaign spend.

The best performing landing pages are those with a short simple call to action. Through your google and website analytics you can then monitor the success rate of your call to action and change or modify it to find the best performing option.

If you would like to find out more about how to maximise your Google AdWords and online advertising with a designated landing page, contact the team at Sunny Media today to find out more.

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