What is Google+?

We are all fairly familiar these days with social media and how it works… but what is Google+? We are finding a lot of clients have either never heard of it or just don’t understand it.

We are still trying to get the hang of it ourselves but we thought we might tell you a little bit about it to try and help you understand what Google+ is and why you need it.

Social media experts are labelling Google+ as the most important social network for businesses and marketers… some have even said it could one day take over Facebook!

Google+ isn’t just a new social network site, it integrates with other Google features and one of the main benefits is that it has a significant impact on your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

As you would expect, Google+ allows you to post videos, photos, links and text just as you might do on Facebook, however it has an exclusive feature which they call ‘Circles’. Google Circles are basically groups of friends that you can organise by categories including Family, Friends, Colleagues, School Friends, Customers etc. You can also do what is called a ‘Hangout’ which is video or text chatting with several others.

So why do we need Google+, here are our top 3 reasons:

It makes life easier

Google+ integrates with Gmail, Youtube, Google Maps, Chrome and Google Play. This makes is super easy for you to share and manage content across all of these services.


As we mentioned earlier, Google+ can affect your SEO Google ranking.  You should have already noticed the little +1 that now appears on a lot of websites and blogs, this is similar to a Facebook like. The more +1 (likes) that a page gets, the more Google determines that website as being popular, which then increases your ranking score. Ultimately effecting you position in Google search results which allows people to find your website and your business easier.


Being able to video chat with several other parties is a very useful tool for the likes of video conferences, live feedback sessions with customers, video training and much more.

We hope this very basic review of Google+ helps you understand a little bit about what it does and why you need it. Once you have signed up visit our page and join the QA CIRCLE.

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