What you need to know about Programmatic buying

Programmatic buying is the increasingly popular way to buy online advertising. It’s a much more technical way to buy online advertising then what we are used to but it has benefits. Programmatic Buying describes online advertising that is analysed through multiple software systems according to demand, inventory avails, user engagement and more, all to provide a more optimised and performance driven result for the advertiser.

Programmatic buying excludes human intervention and rather multi sourced data signals make the targeting and optimisation decisions for us.

Programmatic buying creates algorithms and rules during the advertising process to test where your advertising is performing and not performing and makes changes along the way to optimise the best delivery. In even simpler terms, if your ad is performing really well on one site and not so well on another site, it will shift your budget and your presence to the better performing site somewhat automatically without an actual person having to monitor the results over time and then make the changes themselves.

Technology is enabling the buying process to be automated and improving our results through the use of maths.

So what are the benefits besides the obvious being the automation… the data used during the advertising process allows advertisers to assign value to the options that are performing more effectively and ensures advertisers are not wasting budget on consumers who are not interested in the product on offer. Simultaneously, it also improves the consumer experience as they begin seeing advertising that is more relevant and interesting to them as a customer, which also benefits the publisher/website in question as the experience on their website is improved for their visitors.

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