Why should customers buy from you and not your competitor?

You should be able to answer this question, if you can’t you could be missing out on sales.

Every business needs a unique selling point. The term USP was developed as a strategic way of thinking, to set your business or your product apart from your competitors and offer customers a benefit or value.

In an often crowded market place, where many businesses are selling similar products and services your unique selling point is going to set you apart, and attract customers away from your competitors.

Here are some examples of what a customer might see as a unique selling point in a small business:

1. A locally produced product or locally staffed business

2. A dedicated team with experienced staff

3. A hands on approach and personal dealing

4. Lowest cost or price comparison

5. Highest quality product or service

6. Variety, choice and more options

You need to find a benefit that your business offers over your competitors. (What would customers want most from you?) This benefit doesn’t always have to come in the product, sometimes you’re simply selling a product exactly the same as someone else but you can differentiate your business by offering a value to your customer such as a faster turn around on your service, or some sort of added bonus… the opportunities are endless. This USP should then be used as the theme of your advertising and marketing.

Make sure your customers are aware of the benefits your offer above your competitors, through your website, advertising and even your tagline.

If you think your business doesn’t have a unique selling point or you’re not sure what it is, talk to the team at QA. We can help market your unique selling point so that customers will buy from your and not your competitor.

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